Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I am three now..

not age, though some might argue otherwise, I am referring to my page ranking. This blog has gone from 0 to 3. (Note to self, don't rely on to check page ranking. Stupid site still has me at 0.) I found out by visiting to get my page strength, which is now at 3.5! Here are my stats as a point of reference for future readings:
* Links pointing to full URL: 25%
Source: Yahoo! Site Explorer 979
* Links pointing to domain: 23%
Source: Yahoo! Site Explorer 1368
* Position at Google for first four words of title tag on target URL: 70%
Source: Google 3
* Age of Domain: 100%
Source: Wayback Machine 2779 days old
* Links from domains with .edu TLDs: 0%
Source: Yahoo 0
* Links from domains with .gov TLDs: 0%
Source: Yahoo 0
* Alexa Rank 11%
Source: Alexa 830864
* Domain name visibility A count of results at Google for a search for your domain, showing URL visibility rather than incoming link count. 15%
Source: Google 229
* Internal Link Percent The percentage of pages on the domain that link to the target url. If the target URL is the same as the domain name, this is usually 100%. 100%
Source: Yahoo Site Explorer 100.00%
* Number of links according to Technorati 43%
Source: Technorati 43
* Number of search results for URL search at 13%
Source: 1
* Listings in DMOZ (ODP) 0%
Source: Yahoo 0
* Links found in Wikipedia 0%
Source: Yahoo 0
* Google Pagerank of full URL and Domain 28%
Source: Google Full URL: 3 Domain: 3

Monday, January 29, 2007

My Podcast Site

I have come across a free podcast hosting site. Podcasting is like creating your own radio show on the Internet. Here I now have yet another new Internet technology to learn. At the moment, here is my first attempts at podcasting:

Just don't get your hopes up with the material ... not yet anyway.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Skin Conditions

I was listening to a story on National Public Radio about the upcoming Super Bowl game. They said this is the first time in Super Bowl history that there would be two black head coaches competing against each other. I'm not really sure why skin conditions such as black heads should be newsworthy. I'm sure that everyone gets those from time to time. Perhaps the two coaches have a chronic condition that can't clear up in time for the Sunday's big game.

Oh wait... just a moment ... nation news on television is talking about the same story...

Sorry, my mistake. It's not two coaches with a black head skin condition, it's two head coaches with a genetic tan skin condition. Of course, regardless of skin, these two coaches have earned the top position to compete in the Super Bowl game. So in this day and age, I'm still not really sure why skin conditions should be newsworthy. After all, isn't the Super Bowl about skill and not ancestry?

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Predictability of A Post

What are the chances that a post that has more interesting elements than others would succeed in a contest? What if others have a popularity factor that you don't have? At the moment, I doubt my success in a couple of contest. I think I put a lot more effort than my current competition. But they already are several hundreds of votes ahead of my entry. Will that matter?

More and more, your popularity on the Internet (as measured by Google's 'Page Rankings' and Alexa's Index) seems to be driven by pre-payment entities of business. In the post-payment result of a business, these page rankings don't seem to factor into the bottom line. For example, Jeff Glueck, the Travelocity Chief Marketing Officer, has notice that, despite its glory, search is not the dominant method for Web sites to gain traffic, or sales.

Yes, I would like to win. Does it mean that I submitted a better product than the competition? By February 5th, we shall see what happens .... assuming you were entertained enough to vote. :)

My Entry in the Concert Contest

Let's see, five dollars worth of grapes, extremely ripe tomatoes, a couple of cans of beans. Add to that four hours of fighting the limitations of Windows Movie Maker, and Ta-Da!!! A video entry of my concert experiences for the WJRR-FM 101 / ConcertContest! Go ahead and take look at and you'll see why my kitchen is covered in squashed food. Then rate my video please, especially if you enjoy it. The more votes it gets, the better it is! Thanks!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

RockStartup - Episode 5

One of PayPerPost's biggest contest, the Las Vegas Wedding, was cover in RockStartup episode 5. When I watched this episode, I was hoping for more of behind the scenes drama of how they picked Julie and her (now) husband. Still, the show was very entertaining. While I know Julie only from her blogging and her entries in the forum, it does make people more real when you can see them in action instead through a static picture. I wish the best of everything to Julie and her husband.

blue man group at RBC Center

This post started as a reminder to myself about tickets to see Blueman Group in Raleigh. Before the tickets went on sale, Ticketmaster had them as low as $50. But never mind. Right now, seats are over $110. While I thoroughly enjoy their DVDs and CDs, I don't think that I'll be getting any closer than that for now. Maybe next time ....

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Interview has been published!

In Novemeber of last year, I was contacted by Dan Tynan who writes for PC World Magazine. He was working on an article about PayPerPost and, since I was in the top ten earners for PPP, he wanted to do an interview about my blogging. WOW! I had read some of Dan's works. I felt honored to be interviewed, even though there was a risk that I might be slammed for getting paid for some of my posts. A few weeks later, Dan's editor, Tom, wrote me about having my picture taken for Dan's literary piece. Unfortunately, I read his email three days after he had sent it. By that time, he had already selected someone else for the photo shoot. OH well.

So, how did the article turn out? Well, it has been two months since the interview. As of yesterday, I had heard nothing from either gentlemen and proceeded to send an inquiry to both of them. After sending that email, I did a quick search. Ta-Da! I found the article and discovered that it had been published online a month ago! I wonder why no one had let me know that it was online? I guess it is a good thing that I sent an email. This morning, I received a reply from Dan that included the same link that I had found to the article. He also mentioned that the print edition might be on newsstands in February or March. I hadn't heard from Tom yet.

If you visit that link to the story, you notice a picture of a guy next to the Dan's work. For you girls that think he's hot, well yeah, that's a good approximation of me. ::: cough, cough ::: At least they spelled my last name right. Not that the article is a bad one. If Dan or Tom had let me now their plans, I could have helped keep the article current. You see, PayPerPost changed its disclosure requirements for bloggers a couple of weeks before PC World published Dan's work. I was a little disappointed that they didn't include links to my blogs. Perhaps they didn't want anyone to interpret such linking as an endorsement of PPP. All in all, I think it is a good piece. The only thing that bothers me a little (and I'm not sure why) is in that last paragraph: I'm not referred to as "Mr. DesGroseilliers" or "Ron DesGroseilliers", just "DesGroseilliers". Maybe it's because when I have heard people address someone solely by their last name, it is usually in a derogatory context. Or maybe it's just because I've been taught that it is disrespectful to refer to someone only by their last name.

Oh well, I guess this concludes this interview adventure. You would have thought that someone would have let me know when it was to be published. Perhaps common courtesy isn't a part of the publishing world. Still, I am glad to be part of that article.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

To Ted Murphy and PPP Gang

OOOOOOOooooo, you guys are soooooo close. You'll find one of the pieces to your "Great Wall of Posties" picture here ... or will you? Hee Hee Hee! Thanks for all that you do. Oh, when you start to put it all together, you're going to be in for a surprise!

The other two pieces are at:

Monday, January 22, 2007

Which Celeb Do I Look Like?

Ok, I'll play along. There is a link at that lets you upload your picture and then proceeds to do face recognition to match your features with famous celebrities. This is the best it could do with my mug:

As long as these actors don't know about this, I think I'm safe. Think Jon Stewart will mind?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

70 virgins without exploding

Let's see, a suicide bomber in Iraq wants to blow himself up because he wants to get into heaven to be surrounded by 70 virgins? When he walks in the middle of an Iraqi marketplace and find himself surrounded by a sea of burqas, isn't there a good chance he's already surrounded by 70 virgins if not more? And when he arrives in his version of heaven, you got to think that it must be hell for the virgins. I wonder what did they did that was so terrible?

Automatically Add Social Bookmarking Links

For the past couple of months, I have been trying to find a way to automatically add social bookmarking links (such as DiggIt and to my posts. Finally after much searching, I found instructions on how to modify my blogger template. You can find the instructions at here. I only ran into one problem when I saved my modified template. Blogger reported "...element type "h3" must be terminated ..." the fix for this is to remove the statement that is just before the Statement. Clear as mud right? If you follow the article it's relatively easy. I had to read the article twice before I made changes. And as I worked with my template code I realized what they were talking about. To help you, here's my code before the change (the lines in red is the "" that TekArtist's article is refering to):
  <h3 class="post-title">
<b:if cond="">
<a href=""><data:post.title></data:post.title></a>
<b:if cond="data:post.url">
<a href="data:post.url"><data:post.title></data:post.title></a>

and here is what I changed (the '<!--' and '-->' are used to comment out section of HTML code and are ignored by the browser):
     <h3 class='post-title'>
<!-- commented out to ensure no conflict with the default template behavior for the link data.
<b:if cond=''>
<a expr:href=''><data:post.title/></a>
<b:if cond='data:post.url'>
<a expr:href='data:post.url'><data:post.title/></a>
<!-- comment out because of the previously commented out section above this

After you have made all the changes recommended by TekArtist, you can add more social bookmark links. I found the code for many of them listed here at Myo Kyaw Htun's site. Let me know how this works for you and if you need any further clarifications.

Friday, January 19, 2007

wifi media player

I have been wondering when wireless device will work as our old AM/FM radios. Just turn on your wireless player, which will connect to the Internet without the aid a computer. From there, you can play any type of media, video and audio, as you would on your PC but with the size of your portable radio. Today, I read that a China company, Haier Group, has teamed up with AOL to make that very wireless media player that I described. I have no doubt that more companies will follow suit and we will have several to choose from come Christmas.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Made It!

It only took two hours to get to work today but I did make it safe and sound. A major 'adapt, adopt' in place during the drive. It was icy around my home but quickly changed to rain and three accidents. Then I got behind an extremely cautious driver ... 35 in a 55 zone. The road wasn't that bad but I really can't blame them after seeing the severity of the accidents that I had passed by earlier. The "Improve" part would be if I could accurately know what the travel conditions would be like across my 55 mile route. The TV and radio gave me a good approximation but there have been journeys that could have gone much better had I known about conditions ahead of time.

Weather or Not, Here I Go

At first I was dreaming that someone was rapidly shooting BBs at me. Yet they were bouncing off. And then I awoke to discover that ice pellets were bouncing off my windows. Outside, the branches and grass were covered in ice. Very scenic. The road in front of my house was slightly slick so I decided to wait until daylight broke before going to work. On the TV, I watched snow build up thirty miles to my north. So I know that my 90 minute commute is going to be longer this morning. Hopefully, I'll travel only through rain....

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Neither Snow Nor Ice

...shall make me think twice about driving around here. Over the next 12 hours, a little excitement and drama might be coming to central North Carolina. This is a part of the state where betting on the weather is a Las Vegas event. This morning, the weather gurus said we had a chance of a ice for Thursday morning. This evening we are now under a winter weather advisory. But I'm not worried. I've been here long enough to expect everything from a little misty rain to a few inches of snow or worse yet, ice. Still, the counties that I drive through have closed schools for tomorrow. So when I get up tomorrow morning, I'll be watching the TV. I will also be using the old-fashioned weather tool: stepping outside, looking around and feeling the ground. But my favorite tools are two sites that I found very helpful:
US Government NOAA Weather's Snow Forecast

Anyone can use these sites. When you visit, simply take your mouse pointer and click in the general area of where you live. The site will then bring up a more detailed look for your area. In the case of NOAA site, it will show you any weather advisories by county, along with the legend that explains which advisory you may be under.

Hopefully the morning will bring only light rain. Unfortunately too many drivers around here believe one speed (fast) fits all weather conditions. So should the roads prove treacherous, I will remain here and leave the roads to the idiots.

[This post was entirely dictated to and transcribed by Naturally Speaking 9, Preferred edition. Cool, huh!]

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

ARRRGGGG, School Fund Raisers

Every year, my friends bring their children's latest fund raising project to work. While I enjoy helping them out, every year it is the same two fund raisers: either a box of fruit that would feed a small army, or expensive Christmas brochures where the gifts costs enough to ... feed a small army. Apparently schools don't call each other to coordinate their fund drives. Perhaps they're just not use that much planning. Regardless, these schools really need to come up with some new school fundraising ideas. So I am passing along this site to my friends,, in hopes that they will pass it along to the powers-that-be at their children's schools. I found some great ideas for bottle water (who doesn't like water), lollipops (who doesn't like a good sucker), bumpstickers (who doesn't like to mess up their car) and even beef snacks (who doesn't like to tease vegetarians). Hopefully, someone somewhere will take the hint.

I Learned Some Sad News

Last Friday, a good friend of mine told me about news that he received. Earlier in the week, his wife of ten years gave him an emotion and spiritual kick-to-the-groin. She told him that she had been cheating on him and wanted a divorce. My friend was still in a state of shock and hurt as he told me this. And because he is a great guy, the kind I would trust marrying one of my sisters, he is going to let her get away with her treatment of their marriage. He doesn't want alimony or child support for their young son. He is assuming fully responsibility for all of their debt. I can fully understand that he only wants her to go so he can get on with building a life for his son and himself. Hopefully, he will get a lawyer quickly and protect his family. In any case, he should not have to undergo the upcoming heartaches that I know are going to come.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

New China Adoption Laws

Starting in May of 2007, China will be implementing new restrictions on adoption of children by foreigners. One of these will exclude any obese person from the process. While this does seem discriminatory, we all know that once you've had chinese, one hour, you'll only want more...

My First Criticism

After two years, 800 plus posts and many good comments, I got my first critical comment from a reader using a Springfield, Virgina server:

"Your "partially sponsored" posts are a transparent disgrace. I'm surprised you're being paid for them, since I can't imagine many people read your blog in the first place, as it is mind-numbing. (Like most other blogs which aspire to the "Life Under Construction" and such imitations of profundity.) Most likely this won't go through. And if it does you'll use it as the basis for some insipid defensive post which nobody will read, because nobody reads your blog in the first place."

Well, thank you, Springfield, for taking time to read my blogs and for writing to me. If it wasn't for you, nobody would be reading my posts. Next time, could be you a little more specific about your dislikes and recommendations? Anyone can be a critic. The good ones help improve the process. Thanks again and happy surfing!

Friday, January 12, 2007

21 Million Bloggers in China

This morning, I read an article from Xinhua news agency that said China now has 20.8 million bloggers. As a result, their government wants all users to register with their real names before blogging. "The real names of bloggers will be kept private as long as they do no harm to the public interest." according to China Internet Survey Report 2007. Of course, given the nature and history of China's government, "no harm to the public interest" means no criticism of rules, regulations or policies. Agree?

The other item that interested me in that article was the how much a Chinese web user spends online on average. For about $22 every month, they pay for the costs of web access, online shopping and games. I spend $45 just for web access! But I don't think I'll be moving to China for cheap Internet.

Tryin' To Get The Beat Back

I have had my electronic drum set for almost six weeks now. When you take out time due to the holidays, I've had about four weeks to work getting back into practice. Getting into a practice schedule has been difficult. The real world still has demands that must be met regardless. Still, my old form is slowly and painfully coming back. But the more I play this set, the more its limitation become apparent. Perhaps I had my expectations for a $280 kit set too high. I wasn't expecting notes not to sound when I play them, or the overall sound quality of the bass and cymbals. There are times that I practice the rudiments without turning on the set just so I can make sure I am playing correctly --- the slap of good ol' wood on plastic. For now, this kit will get me back into the groove. Then we'll see about upgrading.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

PPP demand

I had been refreshing my page once a minute. Suddenly the number of opportunities went from 28 to 36. Great! These latest additions were paying good money too. Even better! Clicked on the first one that interest me. Yes, I can definitely write about this! Clicked on the "Take Opportunity", only to be greeted by the RED LETTERS OF DREAD (RLOD): All of the available posts for that opportunity have already been taken. Already been taken? Quickly, I checked the other fresh opps. More RLOD! Here's another acronym for you: WTF! In less than two minutes, all the available openings for each opp were taken! This gives you an idea of the feeding frenzy that is going on on the demand side of PPP. Hopefully, the programming team can add an indication to an opp that shows when all available openings taken (but not submitted).

Update, 6:49pm: I don't know if PPP rolled out a new and improved site but after I posted the above, I was able to get some high dollar posts. Financially, today is my best PPP day ever. PPP, I don't know what happened but thank you!!!! Oh, the number of opportunities at this moment is 160!!! I don't know who is responsible at PPP for this, but they deserve a big, fat RAISE!!

Canadian Spy Coins

At first I thought the article was a hoax because it sounded like something straight out of James Bond. Apparently it is true! Somehow while working in Canada, American contractors are being bugged with Canadian coins that actually tracking devices. Not too much is being said at the moment by US and Canadian officials. So I will post more as I learn more. For now, have you checked your coins?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Killer Bees in New Orleans

You would think that New Orleans has had its limit of troubles. But no. A few days ago, workers tried to tear down one of the storm damage houses only to be driven off by a hybrid of the killer bees. The speculation is that the bees descended from a swarm that had escaped from a ship docked in New Orleans during the storm. According to Jimmy Dunkley, the department's coordinator of nursery and apiary programs, there are been nine swarms intercepted at state ports since 1988.

I'm thinking that the bees were upset because they missed Mardi Gras, thinking that it's bees (instead of beads) to be traded for the sight of ....something, I'm not sure. I wasn't there. Honest! I would say boobs, but they're in session in Washington right now.

PPP supply & demand

I have read and heard a lot of comments of frustration from my fellow posties. One good friend made a very astute remark about how this is simply supply and demand. Oh, so true! When I began with PPP in early July, there were almost 1000 posties who were allowed 3 posts per day --- a demand of 3000 posts. Today, there is almost 20000 posties, allowed 2 posts PER BLOG per day --- a minimum demand of 40,000 posts, perhaps an average demand of 80,000. On the supply side, I saw about 50 opps in July and today there are 30. (At one time the opps had soared to over 100.) Each opp can allow 1 or more postie to blog about it.

So there has been a 20 to 30 fold increase on the demand side and not much change on the supply. We'll see what happens when 'segmentation' --- where advertisers will restrict their opps to specific posties --- is implemented. Some advertisers already practice some degree of segmentation (by type of blog, by page ranking, if a postie has already written about a specific). If I get the time, I would love to compose an economic model of the mathematics at work here.

Anime News Network

This is for my daughter and sons who are big fans of anime.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

soon, soon, I shall speak and

the words will become sweet text without typing. At least, that is the goal. The first part was to get a digital voice recorder. Thanks to 'Santa' and his many helpers, I now have a Sony DVR that downloads my spoken word to my computer via USB connection. According to the manual, all I need now is "Dragon Naturally Speaking" software and it will convert the sound files into text documents. Yeah, yeah, I've been through that hype ever since speech-to-text first hit the scene. But I have been reading some great reviews about "Dragon Naturally Speaking". The Preferred Edition of version 9 retails at $200. I found it on Ebay for $65. Guess what? The software arrived today! I'll let you know how it all works....

Monday, January 08, 2007

Phone Fees

I just learned that the government has ended the three percent tax on long distance calls. Not only that but we can claim a credit for the fees accrued in 2006 when we fill out our tax returns. Of course, we are still stuck with:
Carrier cost recovery fee, AT&T's tax-related surcharge, Property tax surcharge, Activation fee, and Cancellation penalty. ::: sigh ::: All this and dropped calls too.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Under New Management

That's what the marquee read that stands in front of Domino's. I last worked there just before Thanksgiving. At that time, I told my manager that I had other pressing matters to tend to and would be able to return in January. Every time I drive by, I look to see who's vehicle is there. For the past couple of weeks, I haven't recognized any of the cars. So today the marque reads "Under New Management" and I am not surprised. In the three years that I have been there, I have seen the more than one complete turnover in staff except for the District Manager. And then, just before I left, the District Management quit --- 'asked to leave by Domino's' was the reason. The latest general manager that I was worked for had become more and more frustrated by the interfering micro-management from the district manager, lazy workers in the store, and Domino's wasteful policies. When I told him that I wasn't going to be available, he asked me not to go. Yet he had that same resigned look in his eyes that I had seen in other managers just before they quit.

So far, I have been able to survive without Domino's. Hopefully, this means that I can close this chapter in my life and continue on to more profitable adventures.

I love Technology

Not that I would disgrace my car with a "I heart technology" but I thoroughly enjoy the conveniences that gadgets give me. And when everything works right, I am in utter awe. Right now, I am at Thai-Esan, a new Thai restaurant that opened last October but I didn't get to visit until last month. I could go to any restaurant and read a book while I eat. But here, they have the big screen LCDs showing NFL highlights in high definition. They have great food. They have Guinness! More importantly, they are within staggering distance of my home should my taste-testing of Guinness go into overtime. So here I am, taking a break, eating spicy food with a refreshing ale. All the while I am here, blogging about this place using their wireless service. I'm also able to monitor PPP for any new opps (with hopes of being able to grab one). You know, if I had brought my headset, I could have used Skype and made a few calls. Yes, this is a slice of heaven that I could enjoy more than once a month. Too bad I can't be here in home attire: my bathrobe and unwashed. But that's the only downside for me ... well, for the other people here if I showed up here like that. So let me raise my frosty mug to you, say Cheers and wish you were here with your favorite gadgets.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Computer Crashes and Firefox

If you are concerned about security of Firefox and about your computer crashes, you may want to visit and get a hold of Mr. Berger's Die Hard program. As the director of Programming Languages and Systems at the University of Massachusetts, he has developed a program to prevent memory crashes and hacker attacks on your computer's memory. I wrote more about it here.

The Good Always Go Too Soon

First it was 'Calvin and Hobbes' and now 'Foxtrot' is going away. I have 'Foxtrot' on my Yahoo startup page so that I can start my day with a good laugh. For the past few days though, it has been stuck on Sunday's comic. And now I know why. According this press release, the creator Bill Amend is cutting back to a Sunday only edition to pursue other interests. Not that I blame him for wanting a change of pace after 10+ years of working on Foxtrot. Still, I'll miss my daily fix of wit and sarcasm that Mr. Amend provided.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Blogging Can Be Profitable

Why do you blog? Do you feel a driving need to express yourself, to share thoughts and ideas with your fellow members of the Internet? Isn't great when you can do something that you enjoy AND earn a little money for that enjoyment? If you would like to take your blogging up a notch, you may find yourself wanting to check out I have told a few friends about this. Now they are helping themselves and their families financially. In one case, someone I love dearly is divorced from a spouse who isn't make the child support payments. She tells me that this form of blogging has helped put food on the table for her and her children. Whatever your reason, why not visit and learn more. You can use my address as a referral if you like: sprezzatura.rrd2 at ( you know at = @ and no spaces inbetween.)

This post is sponsored by PayPerPost.

What's Funny About Saddam?

I've read that comedy is truth plus pain. Listening to the news reports on Saddam Hussein's execution, I'm having a hard time coming up with anything funny. Anyone can do a 'Sodom Insane' name change. So I asked myself, "Why did Saddam cross the road?" Given his history, I could only think "To kill more Iraqis on the other side." My thought of "How many Iraqis does it take to change a Saddam?" led to "No one knows. Over ten thousand tried and ended up dying." Hardly side splitting ... unless you're being tortured. And maybe that's why there aren't any Iraqi comedians --- they keep bombing.

History has lots of genuine monsters masquerading as human beings. Of course there are going to be the few that defend these monsters. And then there are the rest of us who hope that justice will be served. The more evidence of this --- by word, by picture, by any means --- the better.

PPP HP Puzzle Game

PayPerPost has launched another exciting scavenger puzzle game. This one has the added frustration of having over ten thousand posties available to grab up opportunities as soon as PayPerPost releases a puzzle piece on their site. The theme of this new game is Digital Photo Printing and thirty pieces are to be assembled for the prize of one thousand dollars. The picture itself was taken by staff member Veronique with her hp camera as she traveled through Europe. $1000 would certainly make my day but I'm not holding my breathe on this one. I'm lucky that I happened to get this piece:

This post is sponsored by HP.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Using LoudLaunch for Your Internet Business

Advertising a business can be extremely expensive especially using the traditional methods of television, radio and newspaper. On the other hand, using the Internet allows you to reach a much wide audience. Not only that but you can get a better targeted audience of those looking specifically for you. One way to get your press releases and news out there is to have people write about you. is doing just that by connecting bloggers with advertisers. For fifty dollars, you can begin your advertising campaign as bloggers review your site, your product, your business. Since bloggers are required to give their honest opinions along with a disclosure, readers are treated to better postings about businesses. So whether you want to advertise to increase your internet presence or you want to earn money while blogging about your interests, visit for more info. You can use my address as a referral if you like: mysticfree at aol dot com.

LoudLaunch - Compensating bloggers for their unbiased opinions, reviews, and analysis. View the LoudLaunch campaign release this post was based on.

Holidays Are Over

I am back, tired but back to the daily grind. Back from spending sixteen hours cramped up from flying with crying babies and those sharing the wealth of their flu germs. I can't complain too much. The flight was free, compliments of my sister. And, when I consider that entire holiday experience, the inconvenience was more than outweighed by the joy and good times.