Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Good News, you can now brick your iPhone

I did not know the extent of the powers of The Library of Congress until yesterday. Apparently, this government agency oversees the Copyright Office and can review and authorizes exemptions every three years to make sure laws haven't prevented certain non-infringing uses of copyright-protected works -- like modifying your iPhone operating system.

In rulings yesterday, you can now "jailbreak" your iPhone without worrying about the Apple police taking you to court. In doing so, you can then run whatever app you would like to run, such as Google Voice --- that wonderfully helpful application that Apple has tried to kill again and again.

Of course, even though you can now legally modify your phone, Apple is not obligated to honor its iphone warranty if you mess up your expensive piece of electronics.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Smoke and Mirrors

My friend was a very heavy smoker. In fact, he was up to 2 cigarette lighters a day. However, last month, he become extremely horrified after reading about the long-term effects of smoking cigarettes. So he did three things: started smoking cao cigars, vowed to only smoke one cigar at a time, and he gave up reading. I told him not to worry. After all, we all know that smoking is the leading cause of statistics...

Almost Positive Post

In general, these posts are supposed to avoid negative subjects. Yet, when I am given phrases such as "acne treatment", we are kind of beginning from a less-than-positive position. Unless, of course, your treatment is to get as bad a case of acne as possible. Why? Think of the benefits for having acne.

1) Never having to go to a weight watchers meeting. "Pizza face" suggests pizza which suggests big, floppy slices of cheese and sauce and chewy goodness. I'm pretty sure any reminders of food are strictly forbidden at weight watchers meetings.

2) Never having to be inconvenience by a "could you watch my sweet, innocent child for a few moments while I run to the store?". No one wants their "sweet, innocent child" traumatized ... or do they?

3) See #2. Getting to be the reason for good behavior on the part of children. "You better behave or I'll have Pizza Face baby-sit you!"

4) Paid modeling gigs as the 'before' photo for shady products.

5) Paid modeling gigs as the 'after' photo that dramatizes the results of competitors' products.

6) Guaranteed seat to yourself on the public transportation!

7) Well, do I have to all of your thinking for you? Send me your list of benefits for having acne.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Go, Lebron, Go!

I don't have time to follow sports like I used to. But the only way I could have avoided the current cries of foul as Lebron James leaves for the sunshine soaked state of Florida is to live under a rock. I know. I tried. Even there, I found Jesse Jackson oozing up and making claims that Mr. James was just a runaway slave in the eyes of the Cavaliers owner. Interesting comment considering that Lebron is leaving Ohio for the same reasons that the Williams sisters of tennis and Tiger Wood of golf fame left California -- Florida has no state income tax. While The Cavaliers offered Mr. James $10,000 more each game, the state of Ohio was going to take $12,500 of that increase.

If you don't have ownership of the fruits of your labors, you are a slave. It would seem old Jesse should be rallying against the tax system which makes slaves of us as the governments go above and beyond funding necessary services. As for Ohio and California, apparently they don't know the difference between quick weight loss diet for bloated budgets and inviting starvation by running their money makers out of town.

Friday, July 09, 2010

What? We're not done?

The dark circles under the eyes of my finance and myself are not from late nights of partying and frittering the hours away. We've spent the past month of planning and packing and paying and moving. This has been a great learning experience. For example, I now know why Love is blind. After this passed herculean effort to combine her household and children and animals with mine, you don't want to look at everything else that still needs to be done.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

What's the 4th without a military band?

Usually the military band of Fort Bragg plays the 1812 Overture during Fort Bragg's very dramatic fireworks display. Unfortunately, two days before this much-anticipated annual event, the warehouse that houses the band's instruments and uniforms caught fire. Everything was destroyed. One of the higher ranking officials commented how this was going to be a "royal pain in the butt" to replace the band's gear in time for the July 4th celebration. My suggested treatment for hemorrhoid inducing event? Kazoos and trash can lids! After all, the spirit of inventiveness during crisis is what makes us Americans! Happy 4th!

adding Facebook share link to your post

I searched several posts and found this one to be the easist set of instructions and links for installing a 'Share' button into your blogger hosted blog. Let me know your results and, please, share my posts that you enjoy with your Facebook fans. Thanks!