Wednesday, November 09, 2016

How to explain the election to your children

Tonight, the news reported how social media teemed with posts from distraught parents agonizing about explaining the election to their impressionable children. Let me see if my few years of experience can help:

1) It's not one guy who's going to influence your life, it's 535 politicians.

2) Mommy and Daddy's bank account are still up for grabs by these politicians. It didn't matter who was elected.

3) How Mommy and Daddy get to spend whatever money is left after the politicians' grab is still up to the politicians. Again, regardless of who got elected.

4) 1 person, 1 vote? Nope. Mommy and Daddy goofed and believed in an urban legend. The truth is 565,166 people, 1 vote - 1 big fat cacophonous electoral vote.

3) Last of all, if Mommy or Daddy are upset by who won, they need to get a clue and grow up. We'll survive like we have through the last 100 years of idiot laws by self-serving bureaucrats.