Wednesday, December 21, 2005

irs and xmas

The Lord giventh and the government taketh away. Certainly the government giveth but only as a drug dealer gives to his victims.

Anyway, what a nightmare it has been as I work to get my property refinanced. Of course, my ex wants her share and rightly so. But the fight that we began as team ten years ago with the irs continues on, being waged by me solely and interfering with both our lives. I've learned that it doesn't matter when you are right in America. You are nothing but a bug in the path of an oncoming government truck.

Every xmas since the battle began, I have received a present from our thieves in power ... every year they send a coercive letter, full of threats and exaggerated claims to my money. Oh sure, we have a responsibility to pay our share for being governed. Of course, that assumes we have a responsible government. More on this later. In any case, this year's present is a lien for twice what they said I owed. "Owed" is one of those doublespeak words -- it implies that a mutual transaction took place. Image a robber popping out from behind a corner and demanding that you "owe" him your money.

I could go on and I will. Right now, I'm ranting so that I can finally get started blogging and also to develop a coherent dialog to fight the injustice and slavery and stupidity of our times. Today, this is a rant, only a rant. Just emotions that are born of frustration and exhaustion. I write only because no one will read this and I am thus free to do so.

And life goes on ....

Friday, November 11, 2005

wrong turn?

Have you ever felt like you not supposed to be "here" at that point in time? By here, I mean everything: your location, the events that led up to you being where you are, the circumstances that you're in. It is as though you took a wrong turn somewhere and didn't realize that mistake until many years and many personal interactions later.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

divorcing after 25 years

I come to realize, perhaps too late, that there is a fine line between being a gentleman and being a doormat. Unfortunately, this mistake is costing me, not just financially, but emtionally and physically and spiritually. So what happens when you tried to correct this mistake? What happens when a guy puts an end to the doormat behavior of catering to his wife's every demand? I had hoped that she would grow up with me so that we could grow old together. Instead, I began to see her for who she truly was. I began to understand what is was that my friends and family had been trying to tell me all these years. But, like an addict, the healing could begin until I admitted to my shortcomings. And then realized that changes had to be done if I wanted to live.

At first, she laughed when I told her that I was planning to divorce her. Then her mood changed as the seriousness of the idea seeped into her thoughts. Her ultimate action? Well, three years last month, my wife of twenty five years filed for divorce. Yet, after three years, she and her lawyer have caused delay after delay while I’ve made offer after offer to buy her out and ransom my life back.

Hopefully, December 6th is the final day when we will appear before a judge and he will decree an end to her silliness.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

In the bloginning ...

Here's a stupid statement, "A lot has been going on in my life."  At what point, has there not been many conflicts simultaneously demanding my attention for resolution? So let's just say, I hope to resolve a couple of major issues in the next few months. And, hopefully through therapeutic exercise of writing my blog, I can keep myself alive a little while longer.   Only time will tell ….