Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Great Winter Disaster of 2014

The east half of North Carolina is not built for winter. Over the past two days, snow and ice joined forces to bury us.

So this morning, I awoke to a disaster: Comcast is buy Time/Warner. It started with Comcast calling to get TWC's basic package, but ended being up-sold to the "exclusive whole company package" for $44 billion and one month free of HBO or Showtime.

The sale would have happened sooner, but the companies have been on-hold with each other since 2011. Anyway, the deal will be finalized on Wednesday between 8am and 6pm, assuming the CEOs aren't late at other appointments.

I'm not too worried about my Internet service with this merger. TWC gives me a consistent 28.8 kbps on my modem. How bad can it get with Comcast? Tin cans and string?

Nah, Comcast would have to invest in infrastructure. Just like I'm about to invest in my infrastructure: a cup of coffee and a long stare at the 5 inches of ice and snow in my driveway.