Friday, February 15, 2013

Massive Meteorite Strike: 1, My Massive Lottery Winnings: 0

Here's link to realtime updates about the meteorite that landed during a quiet, wintery morning in Russia.

"Landed" sounds so peaceful and beneficial. I should write "roared through the sky with a thunderous plunge into Chebarkul Lake. Officials now expect a high-than-normal demand for laundry soap and clean underwear."

Some on the Interweb are complaining about the use of the term "Russian Meteorite". They want news organization to say "the meteor that fell into Russia".

Let's be clear. The meteor did not poke along through the sky, taking it's merry old time to float gently to earth. This 10,000 ton mini-mountain raced through the air like someone with their pants on fire in search of a bucket full of water.

Let's make no mistake: It was a rushin' meteorite.

The news media just can't spell.

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