Sunday, November 02, 2014

I will not be denied ... just delayed.

Lately I've been craving taste and texture of a soft-boiled egg relaxing on a piece of buttered bread.

Actually this craving has been over the last decade or so. But my hunger has been continually thwarted by little things like knowledge, time, eggs, and that most important piece of equipment - an egg cup.

This morning, as if to taunt me further, the Universe showed an info-mercial on cooking the perfect soft boiled egg with a magically egg-cooker thingy (only 5 easy payments of $99.99 and one really difficult payment involving your kidneys).

But the joke was on the Universe.  Today, I finally had the time, the eggs, and - with a little help from YouTube - the knowledge.

But no egg cup.

You think this trivial detail stopped me?  Much of my life seems to have been spent using the motto: "Adopt, adapt, and improve".  The elusive soft-boiled egg was to be mine! 

I searched everything I owed to improvise an egg cup.  It had to been sized between the bleach bottle cap and an old bed pan.  The rodent glue trap would do an excellent job of holding, but a poor job as a plate to catch the runny yolk.  There is a limit to how sticky a soft-boiled egg can be.  Although,  if you're hunger enough ..

Just as I started giving serious thought to picking off the dead bugs from the glue trap, there it was!  Hidden in the back of the dusty recesses of the uppermost kitchen cabinet - a Jagermeister shot glass. Well, more metal than glass.

But would this all work with this all come together and satisfy my hunger? Would my cravings finally be satisfied?

Oh yeah, baby!

As you can see, this antlered utensil held a jumbo egg perfectly. And the online cooking instructions helped me create the ultimate creamy yolk-filled soft boiled egg.

For a change, life is good!

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